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With developments all over Scotland we’ve built up an excellent reputation for providing a first class property factoring service to Owners / Owners’ Associations.

We ensure the professional management of all common parts within flatted / housing developments. Our stated aim is to make sure all properties under our management are well maintained to meet the demands of modern living.

We manage all types of properties from small tenement buildings to large new build blocks of flats. In managing the common grounds of housing developments, we ensure the common amenity areas are maintained to a high standard. Our team of experienced Property Managers all hold industry relevant qualifications. This allows them to manage our property portfolio to the highest possible standards, ensuring our clients’ assets retain market value.

The key to our success is having Property Managers who care.

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How to move to Trinity

Need help to change Factor? We’re here to help!

We’re happy to offer our advice and guidance on the legal position in terms of appointing a new factor to comply with your development Deed of Conditions and/or Tenement (Scotland) Act. Our team of highly experienced Property Managers will help guide and advise owners/owners’ associations through the process to ensure a seamless transition.If you are thinking of changing factor why not give us a call on 0131 447 9911 or email us.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by our clients:

  • Named Property Manager
  • Financial Planning Advice
  • Proactive Maintenance / Planning
  • Access to our in-house insurance service regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Individual development bank account paying interest on credit balances
  • Annual Budgets
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact Centre
  • Instructing & managing communal repairs
  • Attend Committee & Annual General Meetings

We are registered under the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 to carry out property management services – Property Factors Registration No. PF000170.

If you are looking to change factor or just require factoring advice please contact us.

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Factoring FAQs

This is the responsibility of your solicitor who should provide basic information about factoring arrangements. The Title Deeds or Deed of Conditions which forms part of your property titles provides for the appointment of professional managing agents or Factor to manage the common parts.

A legal document outlining your own obligations in terms of the title of your property and shared responsibility for the common parts. It may explain the common parts and in what proportion you must pay for any maintenance to them.

In the majority of instances your Title Deed or Deed of Condition, requires you to arrange a Common Buildings Insurance Policy via the Factor. There is, in these cases no need to have private buildings cover. It is possible that your private insurers will consider a premium refund, once you explain your obligations as a joint owner

There are huge advantages to a common policy, not least, an uncomplicated claims process in the event of a major claim. With only one insurer involved, devastating losses such as fire, storms and serious burst pipes can be dealt with far more expeditiously by a single loss adjuster appointed to manage the entire claim process ensuring that the building is restored as quickly as possible. Only one excess payment applies rather than many individual excesses.

Yes. We will negotiate a commission commensurate with the work involved in arranging the insurance, notifying claims, liaising with owners and insurers and maintaining compliance with FCA regulations. We will disclose any commission received at the time of renewal.

No. We operate an approved list of contractors where there is strict criteria and vetting of contractors to ensure that they are competent and have the necessary insurance and health & safety policies in place.

No, contrary to popular belief, we do not receive commission based incentives from contractors employed on your behalf.

Refer to your Title Deeds or Deed of conditions for guidance. It may that there is a requirement to call a meeting or a simple majority of the owners may be sufficient.

This is very much a social issue falling out-with the factors remit. Factors have no power to engage with “noisy neighbours” We recommend that you contact your local police office or consult the Local Authority Anti-Social Behaviour Department.

There are two issues here 1) did your neighbour obtain appropriate Planning Consent from the Local Authority? 2) Has the aerial/dish been attached to the building in contravention of the Deed of Conditions? We have no authority simply to have the aerial/dish removed. However we can assist by suggesting an appropriate course of action towards removal of the offending aerial/dish.

No. Our contract is with the joint Owners. If you let your property you will need to tell your Factor where to send correspondence, other than the tenanted address, for you.

In terms of the Policy cover, the requirement to pay any excess lies with the claimant, regardless of the nature or cause of the insured incident. However, in block of flats insurance the claimant is “The Co-Owners” and not necessarily any one individual. Your Factor may agree a specific policy with the block Owners in advance of agreeing the management contract, or, have a specific policy on how to treat excesses for the Owners. This can be to charge them as a common expense or as individual charges.

The Deed of Conditions will lay down how different types of decision are to be made. However, if it was a proper decision made at a quorate (quorum is the stipulated number of owners attending any meeting which makes the meeting valid), within the terms of the Deeds, then you are liable for your share of any agreed expenditure.

Yes, providing it is agreed by the owners and they pass the vetting criteria for approved contractors. All contractors must hold relevant liability insurance and health and safety policies.

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