Tenancy Deposit Scheme

We are required by law to protect your deposit with a Scottish Government approved deposit scheme.  We will transfer your deposit to an independent scheme shortly after the start of your tenancy. The deposit is held by the nominated scheme for the duration of your tenancy.

We send all our deposits to Safe Deposits Scotland, a not for profit organisation.

What happens to your deposit?

Start of Tenancy

Step 1

Tenant pays the deposit to Trinity

Step 2

Trinity protects the deposit with a government approved deposit scheme

Step 3

Proof of protection issued


End of Tenancy

Step 1

Amount of deposit to be returned is agreed between tenant and landlord after the property is inspected

Step 2

Landlord instructs deposit scheme to release some or all of the deposit

Step 3

Payment issue by deposit scheme

Step 4 (if required)

Disputed amounts sent to independent dispute resolution.  


Further information can be found at www.safedepositsscotland.com